Students Message

Arpita Rai - “Listen to your teachers when they tell you, what to do, but more importantly think about it later and ask yourself what thet told you to do it....”
Omkar - “Thanks to god, thanks to principal, thanks to teachers.....yipeee i got goverment job.....”
Vandana Gautam - “Friendly And Calm Environment”
Kajal Jaisal - #Good Environment For Persuing Education#
Jyoti Singh - # Feeling Proud # Feeling Enthusiastic # Fortunate To Be A Part Of Jdsn Family
Dilraj Singh - With learning activities I also enjoyed the curriculum activities that was well organised
Pooja Chauhan - Go for JDSN, you won’t regret
Lucky Dixit - One of the best colleges in Varanasi with most cooperative Teachers
Drishti Gupta - The College and Teachers make me well professional
Sakshi Mishra - My experience was amazing in JDSN. I really learn new high
Anshu Yadav - I consider myself lucky to have had brilliant Teachers and nice Classmates. I highly recommended JDSN College to other Students
Pallavi Badal - The Teachers and Principal at JDSN are very committed and the quality of content and classes was outstanding!
MD. Ishaq Ansari- Helpful and ample materials motivated and inspirational Teachers.
Karishma Yadav - JDSN is the right decision for further studies.
Asha Singh - The College us like a big family.
Kajal Rai - A great experience in whole journey of college
Vivek Upadhyay- I was a part of wonderful group of people. Especially our Principal Sir who taught us how to become inspirational for others.